Check out these 12 people living life in their own epic ways from golf swings to break dance skills, Enjoy!

The Golf Pro

Source: imgur

Slip N Slide Basketball Trick Shot

Source: izismile

Yoga Ball Rider

Source: izismile

How to Eat Bag of Crispers In Less Than 3 Seconds

Source: tumblr

Streaker Takes Over Game Show!

Source: imgur

Human Leap Frog

Source: izismile

The Hula Hooping Tire Man

Source: gifak

The Water Walker

Source: pleatedjeans

The Smoker

Source: pleatedjeans

From Wipe Out Fail To Epic Break Dance


Source: tastefullyoffensive

Eating Noodles Like A Boss!

Source: onlylolgifs

The Space Life

Source: reddit

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